Dr. J: Specializes in Adult Education, Distance Learning, Higher Education, Online Teaching, and Curriculum Development

Innovative educator and leader who possess significant strengths in distance learning, adult education, teaching with technology, student and faculty relations, curriculum development, and career development.

Successful management and leadership in academic institutions and corporate organizations. Developed an exceptional record of academic excellence, student and faculty services, collaboration, communication, mentoring, coaching, and professionalism.

Strong academic leadership and educational acumen, with highly developed critical thinking, planning, organization, presentation, conflict resolution, problem-solving, and time management skills.


  • Create a safe, respectful, and welcoming learning environment.
  • Exemplary ability to teach and motivate students while promoting the development of academic skills and facilitating the learning process.
  • Incorporate the use of technology as a teaching tool, including video feedback.
  • Specialize in working with new students, academically under-prepared students, and at-risk students.
  • Outstanding ability to manage multiple assignments and tasks as a remote employee, setting priorities, adapting to changing conditions, and completing work tasks in a timely manner.


  • Outstanding ability to lead faculty and instill a sense of purpose and vision through a strong work ethic, high ethical standards, and emotional intelligence.
  • Promote a commitment to high educational standards, a student-centered focus, strong student outcomes, and high student satisfaction.
  • Inspire faculty to improve their facilitation practice by leading online faculty workshops.
  • Perform annual faculty classroom reviews and assess classes based upon established best practices.


  • Background includes the development of a brand-new faculty Center for Teaching and Learning.
  • Authored and delivered faculty courses, workshops, and programs.
  • Created a Faculty Performance Model with measurable performance standards.
  • Developed and delivered a faculty training courses, including Faculty Performance Model training.
  • Successfully created, launched, and delivered a brand-new Faculty New Hire Orientation Training program for an online school, along with a New Hire Faculty Mentoring program.
  • Authored and delivered workshops, including: Classroom Management, Faculty Discussions, Development of Substantive and Meaningful Feedback, Faculty Communication


  • Exceptional ability to communicate and build rapport with students, faculty, and administrators of diverse backgrounds and cultures.
  • Address all student situations with highly developed emotional intelligence and conflict resolution skills, while maintaining professional and ethical behavior.
  • Outstanding oral and written communication skills, utilizing superior listening skills, to build productive working relationships with students.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrBruceAJohnson

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