Dr. J: Academic Educator and Leader

ACADEMIC EDUCATOR, LEADER offers the following:
• Possess significant strengths in distance learning, adult education, teaching with technology, student and faculty relations, and curriculum development.
• Strong academic acumen, with highly developed writing, critical thinking, planning, organization, presentation, conflict resolution, problem-solving, and time management skills.
• As a remote employee, skillfully manage multiple assignments and tasks, setting priorities, adapting to changing conditions, and completing work tasks in a timely manner.

Exceptional Record as an Educator:
• Prompt engaging online class discussions and provide substantive feedback.
• Create a safe, respectful, and welcoming classroom learning environment.
• Known for seeing the potential in students, being easily accessible, responsive, caring, and able to demonstrate empathy for students, resulting in exceptional end-of-course surveys.
• Outstanding ability to motivate students while promoting the development of academic skills.

Exemplary Track Record as a Dissertation Mentor
• Background includes working knowledge of dissertation and doctoral capstone processes, serving as a coach and mentor for students, while supporting their progress as they complete their programs.

Excel as an Academic Leader:
• Experience as a Chief Academic Officer, Dean, Faculty Director, Faculty Development Manager, and Dissertation Mentor, along with experience in Academic Affairs and Academic Operations.
• Outstanding ability to lead faculty and instill a sense of purpose and vision through a strong work ethic, high ethical standards, and emotional intelligence.

Serve as Role Model as a Faculty Trainer:
• Inspire faculty to improve their facilitation practice by leading online faculty workshops.
• Lead and develop academic staff in driving academic excellence by setting objective goals, providing support, and evaluating academic performance.


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drbruceajohnson/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrBruceAJohnson

Please view my resume: Bruce A Johnson PhD Resume