Dr. J’s Curriculum Development Experience

Learn More About Dr. J’s Curriculum Development Work:

Capella University: Courses Developed

  • EDD8524 The Future of Educational Leadership
  • EDD8536 Implementing and Sustaining Organizational Change

St. Charles Community College: Courses Developed (Online Versions)

  • BUS236 Consumer Behavior
  • BUS208 Entrepreneurship
  • BUS210 Organizational Behavior
  • BUS230 Marketing
  • BUS101 Introduction to Business

American College of Education: Courses Developed

  • EBUS5423 Data Analytics and Reporting
  • EBUS5433 Law Labor and Negotiations
  • EBUS5443 Risk Management
  • LEAD5583 Career and Professional Development
  • LEAD5603 Compliance and Reporting
  • LEAD5623 The Economics of Community College
  • EBUS5413 Operations and Facility Management
  • ACCT5303 Managerial Accounting

Aston International University: Courses Developed

  • BUS370 Entrepreneurship
  • MGT300 Principles of Management
  • MGT335 Foundations of Leadership
  • HRM310 Human Resources Management
  • MGT350 Organizational Behavior
  • MKT300 Marketing
  • BUS200 Business Communication
  • BUS305 Introduction to Business

Contract Client: Authored the Following

  • Writing Center Handbook (Brand-New)
  • Adjunct Faculty Handbook (Fully Updated)
  • Faculty New Hire Orientation Manual (Brand-New)
  • AGT100 American Government (Online Course)
  • FTE225 Developing a Business Plan (Online Course)
  • BUS101 Introduction to Business (Online Course)

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