Faculty Recognition March 2020 – Capella University

Congratulations!  You have been nominated by a learner for the Stephen Shank Recognitionprogram.

This acknowledges the significant contribution you have made to that learner’s success at Capella.  

You are making a difference!  We celebrate with you and thank you for your commitment to our learners.

Below are the wonderful comments about you that were submitted:

“Dr. Johnson has demonstrated exemplary work as an instructor and mentor. He is the kind of person who is not just interested in teaching a subject, but he sincerely wants to see people grow into the field of Training and Performance Improvement. He is definitely a tough instructor, but it is because he believes in rigorous instruction for outstanding results. As an adult learner I have felt challenged may times in my learning journey, but he has always encouraged me to keep on going. I guess it just shows what being part of Capella’s Learning Community looks like. I hope he can be granted this award for his outstanding work for Capella’s students.”

“Dr. Bruce Johnson is an amazing individual. I’ve stated this after my first three interactions with him. Making a long story short as possible, A few quarters ago, I was given wrong information by an Instructor and Dr. John recognized the error and I had to restart my proposal right away. I was working on this proposal for over a year and was not getting anywhere. Once I found this out and I spoke to an instructor previously and said I feel as though I should be writing a change management plan and I was shut down. Dr. Johnson recognized this without me prompting him and I was devasted. The amount of money I spent in loans for school and I could be going to school for FREE through my job. I chose to Capella for a different experience.”

“I wanted to quit and pursue my other options. Dr. Johnson worked with me and through hard work, sweat and many, many, MANY tears. I was able to complete the proposal in that ONE quarter.”

“Moving on to this quarter, I hit a wall and have slight depression. I want to quit (I still feel this way). I am going through a slight depression and I don’t want to quit. Dr. Johnson recognizes this ans sends me encouraging messages, gives me smaller goals to reach and let’s me know it can be done. The support from him is unconditional and real. I honestly wasn’t going to try this quarter and I am because of him.”

“Words cannot express my gratitude and even though I am still trying get my headspace together, I recognize his dedication to his students and to his craft. I pray others feel the same way. I am crying as I write this for so many reasons.”