About Dr. J

Dr. Bruce A. Johnson: Academic Leader Specializing in Faculty Development, Distance Learning, Online Teaching, Higher Ed, and Adult Education

Innovative leader who possess significant strengths in distance learning, adult education, teaching with technology, student and faculty relations, curriculum development, and career development. Successful management and leadership in academic institutions and corporate organizations. Developed an exceptional record of academic excellence, student and faculty services, collaboration, communication, mentoring, coaching, and professionalism. Strong academic leadership and educational acumen, with highly developed critical thinking, planning, organization, presentation, conflict resolution, problem-solving, and time management skills.

Professor, School of Education, Performance Improvement Leadership/Training & Performance Improvement

  • Teaching and Instruction – Core faculty are highly-engaged instructors in the courses and residencies they teach. They are sought out by learners and consistently exceed set expectations for faculty who teach courses at Capella.
  • Doctoral Mentoring – Core faculty are highly knowledgeable about established dissertation and doctoral capstone processes and resources. They interact effectively with learners, are able to develop strong relationships, and offer guidance. They have demonstrated success in chairing and serving on doctoral committees. Core faculty facilitate highly-interactive dissertation and capstone course rooms and their learners are supported to timely completion of the dissertation or capstone product.
  • Curriculum and Course Development – Core faculty are knowledgeable in the Capella course development process and have demonstrated the ability to work successfully with cross functional partners across Capella to plan and deliver high-quality course and curriculum in the area of their expertise.
  • School and University Governance – Core faculty regularly demonstrate leadership roles in school and university governance. They willingly assume school and university committee roles as active participants and are effective in driving the positive impact of these governance structures. They are the role models and leaders among faculty and serve as peer mentors.
  • Research and Scholarship – Core faculty stay current in their scholarly field(s) and demonstrate expertise through writing, speaking, and conference attendance. Core faculty are viewed by other faculty as thought leaders and share their expertise among their colleagues.
  • Leadership through Team Engagement – Core faculty are expected to serve as models for all other faculty in their ability and willingness to take on essential roles and other duties as needed within the department, school or university.

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